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Zeke + Keenan to get Mixon + Brown


Hey Clan -

Have the option for this trade - 1/2 PPR. I would be getting Mixon & Brown and giving up Zeke and Keenan.

Rest of team:
Sony, LeSean, Kerryon, (Drake yuck)
Baldwin, Marvin, Cooper, Robby Anderson, Allison


Hey all - any suggestions or advice here?


Is Brown AB or John Brown? I’m assuming AB…


This would be AB


Then I would definitely do this trade if you’re okay with waiting on AB for a week since it’s his bye. I feel like Mixon is a slight downgrade from Zeke, but AB is much better than Allen imo.


This is an auto accept for me assuming it’s not a keeper league as Zeke is a better keeper than any of thos guys


Thanks all - Was able to pull Zeke + Keenan + Brees for Mixon + ABrown + Smokey Brown. Win for sure.