Zeke, Leveon, or David Johnson


I need some help on my keeper for my 12 team, 2 QB, Auction league. I am going to keep a RB, that is decided. But, I have the choice of 3:

David Johnson
Leveon Bell

I got burned by Leveon last year by keeping him, and now Zeke is doing the exact same. What would y’all do?

right now, with the info we have, im keeping DJ. bell will play this year, no doubt about it. he will be good, but we dont know how muchthey will use him, how will they use him in the passing game, ect. there is a clear path to him being the number 1 RB again, but he could drop out of the top 12 just from usage and how good that team does as a whole. Zeke is a top 3 guy, year in and year out. when he is on the field. right now, looking like he legit might not make it to the field. so DJ becomes the obvious answer. i think his floor was seen last year, RB10. if thats his floor im cool with keeping him, especially cause he can get back to being THE RB1 again as well.

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That was very similar to my thought process. My draft is not until the 28th, and so I am waiting till the very last minute on Zeke.

Regardless im spending some cash money on another back.

DJ Would be best bet, Rookie QB look for lots of Check down yardage for DJ


oh good, then wait as long as possible. because if Zeke gets his contract, my answer changes to zeke.