Zeke offers full ppr

I was offered a trade I would get Zeke but would have to trade him D Freeman and Hilton

10 team full PPR Dynasty
My backs are Kerryon Freeman and Connor
Recievers are A Brown, M Thomas, TY and K Allen

You have ammo at the WR position, and Zeke is a massive upgrade over Freeman… I’d probably do it myself considering its Dynasty and Zeke is not only the best player in the deal, but he’d immediately be the best player on your roster following the trade.

Ive spent a lot of time making huge trades to be super deep at WR… I haven’t had a 1st rd pick in three years because of it. I appreciate the feedback I thought it was a solid trade I just needed some reassurance


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I love Zeke in keeper/dynasty formats - smart moves got you here, so I say make em count and get you a Zeke LOL

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