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Zeke on the Block


Full point PPR keeper league. I’m keeping D. Johnson. Zeke just became available this morning, but the owner wants to ditch him because he gave up his 1st round last season and doesn’t want to again. The owner is asking for a 3rd if I want him. I would still have to give up my first since that’s where he was originally drafted. Do you guys think that’s worth it??


depends on who else is available and not being held by other teams. Do you have any possibility to nab Bell, Gurley , or Barkley with your #1?

If that is not a for sure thing with your #1 then I would use your #1 to grab Zeke for sure


Barkley is a possibility, the others are being kept. We draw names for draft order, so it could be possible.


then i would use your 1 for zeke for sure


Plus my 3rd. That is the owners asking price. We have to give up the round they were originally drafted at. He has been number 1 since the get


Do you have anyone else that will be able to be kept?


Ertz would be my second


So you will basically get no picks till round 4 but have

David Johnson
Zach Ertz

as your 1-2-3?


Correct but only Johnson and Zeke. Then I’ll have my 2nd and wait till 4


If I’m interpreting this correctly, I think it’s an either/or scenario:

Option 1: Keep DJ for a 1st
Option 2: Trade a third for Zeke and still have to use your first to keep him
Option 3: Keep Ertz for a 2nd

Correct? If so, it’s DJ for me, and it’s not that close.


I would do it


No no, DJ has been my keeper since I found him on waivers. I would only give up a 7th since I kept him last season at 9. It goes up 2 rounds every year we keep the same guy. Last season I drafted Ertz at 8, so if I keep him this year as a first time keeper I would only give his original draft spot, that’s the 8th.


I only get 2 keepers. Either Zeke or Ertz. I’m keeping DJ again. Sorry for the confusion. I’m at work and trying to make moves


Ah, I see. So it would be Zeke for a 1st and 3rd and Johnson for a 7th. Yea, I’d be ok with that. Get two stud RBs and still have a 2nd and 4th for your WR1 and 2 respectively.


Cool deal thanks for the help