Zeke or AB at 4 in PPR?

Who do you guys like at 4 in a PPR?

Assuming Bell, Gurley and David Johnson go ahead of me. Zeke or AB?

I’m drafting 5th in PPR and I’m really hoping Zeke falls to me. So that would be my answer for you too. Nothing against Brown, he will do what he normally does I’m sure. I just really feel Zeke is gonna have a great year and it’s so important to have a stud RB. And besides there are still stud WRs to be had with your 2nd pick.

zeke. saddle a stud like jason says. zeke is as much of a stud as AB, but at a position that is harder to find a stud at. AB is great, but im trying to find a player that will score as much as him, but as an RB. cant go wrong either way though.

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I’m at the same draft spot in a 12 man league. I’m looking at likely going Zeke instead of AB. It’s a tough choice, but, landing a top RB is tough. I think getting that top RB in a PPR league is way more important. At least that’s what I’m telling myself leading up to my draft.

Go Zeke. its hard to get a GREAT RB and coach speak says they are going to throw more to him this season. who knows if they are actually going to tho.

The way I look at it is if I take zeke in the first I’m ok with every one going RB crazy after that (which odds are they will like they have in every draft I’m in) then in the second a guy like A.J. Green falls to you. I would much rather have that duo then a AB and McKinnon or someone like that. Not saying McKinnon is bad but besides last year what has his fantasy production been? Nothing that has me wanting to fire him up as a sure fire RB1. So instead of a stud at a WR and potential stud at RB you’re getting a proven stud at both positions.

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Awesome thanks for the replies guys.

So goes without saying but you guys would prefer Zeke over Saquon in a PPR??

I think you go with the proven entity in this situation. Sure Saquon could finish higher but if Zeke is playing, Zeke is putting up RB1 numbers consistently. Don’t think the number 4 pick is the spot to pick Saquon.

Plus, as people have mentioned, someone is going to drop to you in the second round that your can snag up. You are going to get a steady RB1 with your first pick plus probably a WR that has a chance to be top 5.

Love the feedback guys! I was about to post a similar question: who do you like at the 5/6 spot in 10 team .5 PPR?

Assuming gurley, Brown, DJ, and Zeke are gone- I flip flop between Brown, Barkley or Kamara.

Really just hoping I don’t get the 5th or 6th pick and let someone else make that call haha.

for me, going kamara over gordon is a mistake. kamara has regression coming his way of some kind, so he will need volume to make up for it. if it doesnt go down too much, and he gets enough volume, fantastic pick. thats too many ifs for me. gordon, there are no ifs. its when gordon gets his volume, and when he gets his catches, he will be a top back. 2 years ago RB7, missed 3 games. last year RB5. he is a high end talent, and he can get better. because there is only 1 if for him, and thats if his o line stays healthy, he will get better holes to run through and wont get hit at the line so often. that will make his YPC go up, TD efficiency go up, screens work better… he has room to improve and he was the 5th best RB last year. but i have no problems going barkley or brown over him. i would still just take gordon over all of them. he is my 5th overall pick if gurley, bell, zeke, and DJ are all gone. thats how much i believe in him.

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Zeke is being well overrated. He is the entire offense. Their receiving corps is an absolute joke and Dak is a pedestrian QB. Teams are going to key in on Zeke every down, they have no one else to worry about…Hurns? beasley? Terence?..come on. Stacked boxes all day long. While zeke is a great talent, he will end up having more games this year like he did with Denver last year. He will have volume but the efficiency will be shit even with a good O-Line. I’d take barkely over him.


In terms of O-Line vs D-line Zeke has second best schedule (derived from PFF) for the first 5 weeks, take him, then trade him if you want. Smith Schuster will benefit from Brown drawing a lot of coverage.

But seriously… Where is the fricken Megalabowl!!!

pedestrian QBs can still throw, and dak can do well he has proven that. single coverage is beatable in that case for hurns, beasley, terrence, AND gallup. which then makes them not stack the box cause you cant just stack it 24 7, no matter how bad the QB play, which should be better this year since dak has had a year and a half of playing really well. dak sucking is whats way over blown. he had a bad half season. thats it. plus youre forgetting that they still have one of the nastiest o lines there is. so even with stacked boxes, zeke will perform.

Agree on Zeke^

But seriously… Where is the fricken Megalabowl!!!

No, he really isn’t. He was among the league leaders in % of carries against 8 in the box and he was still great, because he’s a monster and plays behind a great line. Playing with a running QB also helps a good bit. He’s an easy top 5 pick in every format.

While my father raised me to hate Dallas, I cannot pass up the temptation to overlook Zeke for AB. I am a huge Antonio fan, he went to my high school in Miami (Norland). He played Qb, Wr, and Rb for us and took us to state. His highlights there were epic, look on youtube.

Sorry I got lost there… Zeke facing 8 man fronts, with that O-line!!! I have a feeling it’s going to be some long td runs then. In my league he might be let go by the guy who has the option to keep him, and it’s because AB might be available. If he is I’ll have first choice between Saquon, Zeke, and AB… the other big dogs are going to be kept. I hate saying it, but I’d go Zeke.

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I really don’t think you could go wrong with either of them, I really think it depends on who your targets are in rounds 2/3/4/5. If you like a lot of backs in those rounds go AB and you if you like the Wide outs more, go Zeke. Either way you are gonna get a top player at the position with your 1.
And yes to Zeke over Saquon in a PPR. I would take Zeke every time over Barkley This year.
Best of luck to ya!

I love zeke at 4. There’s a new #1 rb every year zeke had 27 receptions last year with missing 6 games. Losing lots of targets on that offense I think he will get more catches closer to 50 is realistic with all the open targets. He’s really only had one bad game on the road VS Denver. Cowboys should be a middle of the road team and ride zeke the entire season. I just prefer rbs in general though. If you like taking wrs first and ab is on the board you Def can’t go wrong it’s all about how you wanna construct your roster.

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