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Zeke or Dalvin?

I currently have been offered a trade giving up Ezekiel Elliot and Terry Mclaurin for Dalvin Cook and Chris Godwin.

I already own Alexander Mattison. I have the 1.01 also.

I consider myself in win now mode.


7 keepers- no penalty. Full PPR dynasty keeper league.
3. Montgomery/ Mattison
4. Thielen
5. Chark
6. Mclaurin
7. Cooks

What’s the scoring format? I think public opinion would be for the team getting Cook and Godwin but I think there are a lot more things that muddy the waters here once you dive into it.

Cook - I’ve heard some people are concerned that Dalvin might hold out but I honestly am not too up to date on it. If he does that doesn’t help you for win now mode.

Godwin - I feel like Obviously the Godwin for Mclaurin part is nice, but I think there’s a lot more uncertainty in his situation than people are pricing in right now. He’s an absolute stud on the field but what happens if Gronk or Evans end up stealing 3 or 4 TDs from him? His QB is the GOAT but also 43 years old, so while I think they’ll pass a ton, I think it’s unreasonable to say that Tom throws for 5000 yards like Jameis did last year. For the Buccs as a team I think they upgraded but I think Godwins fantasy situation actually may have declined. So do you believe you get last year’s Godwin who went for 1300 yards and 13TDs? Let’s not forget Mike Evans who has only received for 1000+ yards every single year of his career. Godwin is still a stud but don’t go in thinking you’re likely to get last years Godwin. And as far as his future propects go, Tom is 43, the long term prognosis is uncertain.

I don’t mean to say this to say that it’s not a good deal for you, I just want to bring up the potential draw backs as I see them and then from there if you’re comfortable with it then pull the trigger.

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Cook and Godwin side 100%. I’d pull the trigger on that if it was my team.


I’m also in for the Godwin side. That’s such a huge upgrade. I love Mclaurin but Godwin can easily be top 10 whereas zeke and cook will probably be super close in the top 5.


IF Cook doesn’t hold out all year, he’s like RB 4-5 to Zeke’s RB 2-3, so there’s maybe a little gap?

Godwin is like WR 5-8 and Terry is like WR 18-28 – it’s a much bigger gap.

If you’re at all comfortable with assuming Dalvin’s holdout risk (which I definitely would be, especially with Mattison), then I would absolutely pull the trigger on that trade!

Cook/Godwin side might have a little bit more risk to it, but the upside opportunity is well worth it in my opinion. The only way it back fires is if Cook holds out and Mattison stinks and loses the starting role (or gets injured, but I wouldn’t put too much stock into that part). Godwin probably does have more risk than people are talking about, but I don’t see a world where he’s not AT LEAST a back end WR1/high end WR2

You gotta keep Zeke for one reason alone. He’s already got the Covid. Can’t catch it twice.