Zeke or Gurley FOR A. Cooper (Dynasty)

I enquired about Cooper and got asked for Gurley or Zeke straight up 1-1. I would love to know other peoples thoughts here because I honestly thought it was a joke.

Am I crazy to think that Gurley or Zeke are way more value then Cooper?

I would agree with you that Zeke or Gurley have a greater value in Dynasty than Cooper.

Zeke and Gurley are top 5 startup picks. Cooper is closer to 20.

Funny how things change in a year. Cooper was a top dynasty asset a year ago. Whereas Gurley really wasn’t seen that way by a lot of people do to a bad year. Now They’ve pretty much switched places. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

That said, I’d certainly want more than just Cooper do either of those guys.

That guy is either joking, doesn’t want to trade Cooper, or is an idiot. For reference, I once had a guy in my league in RG3s sophmore season that said he would only take AP for RG3 because RG3 was so valuable…that guy was an idiot. This guy may just be pulling your leg.

Cooper has maybe 1/3 of the value of Gurley/Zeke? Maybe 1/2? It’s hard to say exactly. Would you trade the 1.01 pick for the 4.09 pick? Ask that guy if he’ll do that then see what he says. Because that’s basically what he’s asking for.

best guess, guy is a raiders fan. no way in hell is that value even close. not only are we talking about 2 of the top 5 of their position for a guy who has struggled, but its the hardest position to fill. if someone offers me that, im taking offense lol. im telling them to shove it and probably never trading with them again. because if that isa real offer, then you can expect garbage trades at all times with him.

Everyone conducts trades a little bit differently. I don’t think dismissing an offer because your offended makes sense. We have all sent as least one low ball offer - sometimes to get the conversation started.

Instead of being offended I do of one or all of the following:

  • Send a note with the reject explaining why
    Ex. “Thanks for the offer. I don’t value Cooper as high as Zeke or Gurley. In order to make a deal other pieces would need to be involved on the Cooper side.”

  • Send a counter offer. This shows very quickly how you value the player involved. It also puts the ball back to them. They can choose to accept the offer that you feel is fair or counter further.

  • Send them a DM. For me, this is the most effective. The vast majority of trades that I make are done based on a conversation through whatever league chat app is involved.

so when the bad offer guy comes around in your league, you always explain in depth why you say no? i know the guy that sent this offer. seen him a thousand times in many leagues. this is the same type of guy that offers you the 1.12 an megatron for the rookie 1.01. now maybe thats just one really bad offer where this guys value is way off. but if you see an offer THAT low ball, he either thinks youre an idiot, or he really thinks its a good deal and is an idiot himself. you dont get to make good deals with guys that make this offer. so what i meant wasnt oh im offended i wouldnt take that or talk anymore. its more of, i know what im going to get offered and its never going to be the right, even trade value.

This happens to be me, so let me directly reply.

My reasoning for Cooper being a straight up for Zeke or Gurley is simply this; The average life of an RB is 3-5 years. Even high end RB’s don’t last more than 8 before their production falls off a cliff. Recent notable RB’s (AP - 7 Season, McCoy is entering his 8th season), LT - 8 Seasons). So that being said, Gurley and Zeke are both 2 years in. They have AT best 6 seasons of production. And that’s assuming they have a full healthy career, which I can’t count on. So realistically I’m looking at 4-6 years production from them. WRs on the other hand can have a production life of 8-12 years easily. Cooper is just about to turn 24 meaning He could play for another 10 years easily.

So my reasoning for the 1 to 1 offer is that the shelf life of Cooper is matchable with the higher production that Zeke or Gurley could produce. Now I certainly agree than Zeke and Gurley can produce more than cooper, and I could see myself giving up slightly more than Cooper, but the guy with Zeke/Gurley wants multiple top guys + picks to move one of those two (my top end guys currently are Hunt, Cooper, Thielen, Hilton), and I’m just not going to do that.


This is me. Replied to someone else in this thread why I offered Cooper 1 to 1.

@BusterD You’re right. I don’t respond in this fashion to 100% of trade offers sent my way.

If you start to omit certain league members as trade partner then your pool for trading becomes smaller. Maybe the 5-6 teams you want to trade a QB with, don’t have a need at QB.

Again, we all attack it differently. Just wanted to show how I approach it - fantasy is supposed to be fun. Here is another example:

Other team offers: Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR and Year 2018 Draft Pick 1.06
I give up: Mixon, Joe CIN RB

My Comment: “Thanks for the offer. I prefer Mixon to the 1.06 and barfed in my mouth a little at the thought of owning Treadwell.”

I’m the cooper owner in OPs league. He approached me and asked what I wanted for Zeke or Gurley. So I told him.

Thanks for commenting with your thoughts. I like hearing both sides of a trade negotiation. Makes me a better negotiator.

no way. no way in the world you think this is ok commish. if this went through i would demand a veto of some kind. i mean you are all about making trades even like that one where you made them change it from a 3rd to a second round pick. this is so far off. i mean i gotta know then because i know you decently and this isnt your usual style. is this just because you want to keep cooper?

There’s no trade that’s been agreed to, so I don’t know what the issue is. I certainly didn’t expect him to agree to anything but he asked what I wanted and I told him.

To be clear, I’m not about making trades even. I’m about not upsetting the balance of the league. The one time I stepped in was because I felt the price on Jones was too far undervalue. I’ve not done anything with other trades even though those were trades where I thought someone was overpriced.

I stated my reasoning for believing Cooper was on par with Zeke or Gurley in the context of our Dynasty league. Everytime I make a trade I assume I’m going to have that player until they are out of the league. I plan for a long time dynasty.

this would upset the balance of the league though. big time. and i get that its just what you said and no trade has been made, but holy crap this would offset things a lot. because now that i know that this is my league, i know the dynamics too. i get that if these are the only 2 people on his team you have any interest in so he asks and this is your response, but you cant really think this is even. i mean if he did say yes to this, because thats the question at hand, wouldnt you think this is a HUGE change in dynamic in our league? im just blown away is all. that kind of offer is usually what i said it is. in this case i happen to know its not its just so strange that this came from you.

BTW mitch, stop trying to make trades lol. you said you were done finally! lol.

Part of it is me playing hardball a bit, there’s no question. I never actually expected that to happen, but it told me where he valued Cooper which is way off where I valued cooper so we stopped talking trade almost immediately.

lol I can’t help it - I’m addicted!

I think it’s good to see both perspectives and I certainly wasn’t trying to stir any shit here. I was intrigued to know if I was the only one who thought it was wild. Especially after I sent 1.03 + DJ + Edelman for Gurley the other day and the 1.01 for Zeke.

I mean, I agree that both Zeke and Gurley are more valuable than Cooper, but I don’t think it’s nearly as lopsided as others in this post seem too (though I think the gap is probably more between Zeke and Cooper than Gurley and Cooper).

Don’t be a slave to the last thing you’ve seen. Things change quickly in the NFL, especially for RBs, and Gurley is far from a perfect RB. Cooper was one of the top prospects a year ago and was pretty clearly hurt all year.

As for the offer itself, if you’re getting offended, that’s your problem, not anyone else’s. My first offer in a trade is always going to be low, if I’m buying or high I’m I’m selling. I expect, and welcome a counter offer. Maybe I’d feel some kind of way if I was offered a bunch of bench fodder for a stud (example: Jeremy Hill, Mo Sanu and Theo Riddick for a WR1 or RB1, but this is certainly not that. It’s low, imo, but not a ridiculous starting point.

Hell, if I’m the Cooper owner, I can’t be positive that someone else isn’t a bit higher on Cooper and/or lower in Gurley than the consensus. In that unlikely event, I’ve made a nice trade of not, no one is hurt.

I agree that Zeke is a better dynasty asset than Gurley, but I don’t at all think I’m undervaluing Cooper or having any recency bias slip in. Cooper is a WR2/highWR3 and will have a few great games. That’s how I view him. Gurley and Zeke are tier 1 RBs and top 5 fantasy players in my opinion. The values aren’t close at all, and their ADP will show that (even if Gurley’s ADP is a bit too high and Coopers is a bit too low).

I also agree that it’s perfectly fine to send low ball offers because maybe the other party is high on Gurley and low on Cooper. Then it’s a win for you, no foul play there. But IMO, the offer is on par with the “Hill, Sanu, Riddick” scenario. It’s not quite as egregious, but it’s close enough and such a low ball offer that I probably wouldn’t even engage after that because it’s not a respectable starting position to me.

This guy. Love you.