Zeke or Hunt?

Who would you rather have rest of season in half PPR? I have Zeke but was thinking of moving him for Hunt? Thoughts anyone?

Hunt all day

I’d go Hunt. Better offense and his D isn’t good so they’re forced to put up big numbers.

Those were my thoughts as well. Think Zeke/Landry gets him for me?

Rest of my roster looks like;

Kamara, Zeke, D. Cook, Murray
OBJ, Keenan, Landry, Marvin Jones, Sutton

I was offered A. Jones and J. Brown for Kittle and Jones Jr. I countered with Kittle Jones Jr for Ertz. So there is a chance I could end up with Ertz as well.

As the Hunt owner, no way I’d trade him for Zeke. I told the Gurley owner today the only two I’d consider discussing a Hunt trade for would be Gurley, which he wouldn’t be interested in, or Barkley, whom I also own. So off limits. So glad Zeke, DJ, Bell and AB were drafted before him, and he was still available at the 10 spot.

I wouldn’t trade Hunt for Zeke either if I had him. I had Kamara, Howard, Mixon and Michel. I’ve turned them and pieces into what I have now and I really want Hunt. I think pairing him with Kamara is a killer combo. Same with Barkley which I have offers out for. And then I can flex out Cook and be pretty set.

The Hunt owner in my league has virtually no receivers and rarely utilizes waivers so I’m hoping to get him by adding a lesser back and starters for him else where.