Zeke or McCaffery for playoffs?

I’m a lock for the playoffs, so I don’t mind losing a bit on this trade… worth?

Who is yours?

I have Zeke and Gordon

I’d prob prefer CMC

CMC in PPR formats.

Zeke … is who I’d prefer

I’d want Zeke for sure in anything but full PPR. In full PPR, not sure but I still might lean Zeke. CMC has twice as many receptions on the year and just as many TDs. But it feels to me like Zeke has underachieved more than CMC and I’d expect more bounceback from Zeke to make up for it during the second half.

Where is this bounceback coming from? As someone who was incredibly high on zeke coming into the season, it’s hard to ignore the horrible inefficiencies they’ve had. Dak has actually been worse than Eli this year. So if everyone is so low on OBJ and Eli, don’t think it makes sense to hold out hope that this magical change is coming in dallas cause it isn’t. The redzone opportunities aren’t coming cause the QB is awful and so is the coaching.

Norv turner actually completed turned the panthers into a powerhouse offense. I’ll buy CMC for that in half or full ppr formats all day.

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I think he’s due for positive TD regression. TD’s are fluky and he only has 3 rush TD’s this year. Through 8 weeks, he’s on pace for half as many TD’s as in last year’s 10 game season.

I think that’s pretty wishful thinking. You’re basically just saying TDs will be positive regression cause he scored more last year. But this is a completely different cowboys team. The reason why he isn’t scoring is not because he’s getting stopped on goal line, which i agree could be flukey. The reason why he doesn’t have TDs is because the team is trash, the offense as a whole is horrible which means less scoring opportunities compared to last year and more specifically, that Oline is injury plagued and frankly, pretty trash.

I want to believe regression is coming, and I’ve tried to find real reasons why that could happen, but I just don’t see it this year.

Mike do you still feel the same? Or has this changed with the way Cooper has helped the offense and Zeke having a big game?

The results of one game really shouldn’t change your opinion too much about ROS player values. @MikeMeUpp is right that the Oline has been injury plagued. Zeke is still underperforming the preseason TD projections of CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, though. Those projections take into account year to year changes in personnel, but injuries are obviously harder to account for. I still think if the Oline can get healthy and get more comfortable playing together, it can mean big things for that entire offense.

One key difference between this year and last year for Dallas is red zone efficiency. Bottom third this year from top third in the league a year ago. Cooper can really help with that and open things up for Zeke IMO.

Also should point out that CMC had just as big (or bigger) game than Zeke this week…

No, tbh like @Hazel11 said, it takes more than just 1 game to change my thoughts on this. I mean all you have to do is look back one game to the titans to see how bad of a team the cowboys are and how much dak limits zeke’s upside.

I agree that if the o line could get healthy, it would make a huge diff. But the fact is a couple of their key pieces are likely gone for the season so I don’t see that change coming this season.

And although cooper helps the offense, the biggest limiting factor is still dak. And with regards to redzone. cooper has never really been a redzone threat guy. TDs were never his specialty. He is a separation guy who tends to need more space to work. ANd red zone is where space is very tight and he is by no means a contested catch guy. We saw that result in an INT his very first game.

I value CBS/Yahoo/ESPN projections like I value promises made by politicians. They’re mostly all shots in the dark and mostly based on historical performance. Very hard to account for personnel changes and how they impact things in the NFL.

Zeke don’t overthink it. Volume. I don’t care how bad their offense has been he gets his and catches passes. CMC is a great young player but Newton keeps himself by the goal line a lot, rushes a lot and spreads it around. CMC isn’t going to get 3 TD’s very often. It isn’t a huge drop off by any means but I still want Zeke for the stretch run

I also realize the offense has had problems, but I’m optimistic about the schedule and the volume as well. I feel like I want to have Zeke on my team for the stretch run. Would he be worth trading a combo of Sony Michel and Chubb? Or an Aaron Jones? Or would it be better to have more flexibility in the playoffs since they both should be receiving volume as well, excluding Jones.

I would rather have CMC than Zeke in the playoffs based on matchups in week 16 with CMC going vs ATL who is basically the #1 worst defense against pass catching RBs. Have been since forever. But it’s pretty close. Wouldn’t fight you for wanting one over the other.

Also 15 at home vs saints should be another shootout despite saints having a good run D.

I think Sony + Chubb is okay if you can give up the depth. I’m def not giving up Jones though.