Zeke or najee

After this week would you rather have zeke or najee rest of seaason

Hmm… I have them both on one team…yeah I lost this week.
Zeke seemed fine to me- just had to help block with that nasty defense. I just don’t think anyone could have done much against that D-Line.

Najee wasn’t too impressive but he was out there for 100 percent of the snaps. So that’s promising.

If I had to choose- I say Zeke because of the o-line and scoring opps but Najee owns that backfield alone. Yes, still Zeke.

I would choose zeke. Despite fantasy wise him being a dud, he actually played fantastic that game! It just didn’t translate to fantasy. They made it a purpose to throw and really it was the right call by the coach to kind of abandon the run. I don’t think that will be the case every week, they are not playing a team that made the playoffs last year until I believe week 11. Zeke will be fine. Najee who I still really like will have more weeks like this I feel then big weeks but when he does have big weeks they will be worth it!! Overall though Zeke ROS

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I would stick with Zeke. He was still on the field for more than 70% of snaps. The offense couldnt do anything to move the ball on the ground. He’ll be fine. Najee will be great but I still lean toward Zeke for ROS.

Zeke for sure, snap share was good, had targets and carries but was asked to block a lot! Weeks 2 - 9 are much better for him.

Steelers didn’t look great, O line is bad and Ben didn’t look too sharp. Harris just might end up being more high end RB2 this year. He could volume his way to an RB1 but playing that much, you have to expect the wear and tear to cause a missed game or two eventually as well.