Zeke or Odell?!

So I’m in a keeper league where most top guys are kept (DJ, Gronk, Julio, AB, Shady, Evans, etc.). We are allowed to have 2 keepers. Here’s my scenario (non ppr)

I’m keeping Leveon Bell late as a 9th round keeper (had him since rookie year). My other 2 options are either Odell or Zeke. I’m drafting 10th overall with 6 people ahead of me picking before my 11th pick. I had Zeke locked and loaded but with the suspension I’m considering Odell.

What does he footclan think?

If you can trade, get rid of Zeke. If Zeke gets in trouble again and faces another suspension, you’ll regret keeping him over Odell forever.

If trade options don’t work out, Odell is a helluva consolation prize.