Zeke or Pollard

After tonight’s game I might have the desire to bench Zeke in favor of Pollard (I own both). Zeke does not look like he has much pop and Pollard seems to be the fresher more electric ball carrier. Am I nuts in pulling this trigger?

1/2 PPR format.

Who is your other starting RB? You can guarantee that Jerry Jones will not bench a player he is paying 90 million over 6 years. This is the hard thing to swallow as a fantasy owner and a Cowboy fan but I would try and trade Elliott right now for something premium instead of just benching him. Pollard is the better back this year, why, who knows but you shouldn’t care at this point in the season. If you can get something good in return for Elliott do it. I am in the same position and trying to get another starter in a package deal ASAP

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