Zeke Owner, Drop McFadden and pickup Woodhead?

I’m a Zeke owner but I’m thinking of dropping Mcfadden for Woodhead, since I think Woodhead holds more value rest of season than Mcfadden. I also have Alfred Morris as a handcuff to Zeke, I’m just thinking I don’t want any part of that backfield when and if Zeke get’s suspended so i could drop Morris to if someone else get’s dropped that’s better.

My money is on Rod Smith emerging when and if Zeke is suspended.

no matter what zeke plays this week and has a hearing on thursday where im sure he will win but i would hold onto dmc at least until next monday. hes been sitting inactive just in case he did get suspended that being said i think alf is a better choice anyway.

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Yeah I already have Gordon, traded for James White since it’s a ppr league, and am going to pickup Darkwa and Woodhead. Is there any high end running backs I should target in a trade, like a Mark Ingram or someone else that has a good rest of the season schedule?