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Zeke Owner, Need Help


This is my team it’s full ppr by the way, but I have some players on bye so my options are limited. I’m not sure who I should drop if anyone and try and pickup someone like Alex Collins. This could end up being a very bad week for me especially because I’m facing the best team in the league who is 7-1. I’m not sure what I can do to help my team.
QB: Watson
RB: Zeke, Ajayi, Gordon, Mcfadden, Morris, Powell
WR: Julio, Diggs, Ginn, Shepard
TE: ASJ, Rudolph


You could move on from one of your TE’s


Like drop them or try and trade one of them?


Trade them. Get busy making a trade


OK I offered ASJ and Ginn to an owner who has Gronk and no backup. Also should I drop Rudolph and pickup Evan Engram as my starting TE for the rest of the season?


Don’t drop, trade.

And yeah I’d roll engram


I’ll try but if I can’t trade him by tomorrow I’ll have to drop him to pick up Engram or I risk him getting picked up by someone else.