Zeke owner Ride or Die!

As a Zeke owner I’m not buying all this hullabaloo and I’m not selling low.

I’m not wasting space on my bench with DMC or Alf and I’m happy to see everyone else picking them up.

I’m thinking this is just a bunch of nonsense to keep America’s Team in the news during their bye week and to divert attention away from kneeling.

I don’t fully understand or care about the law or give a crap about what players do in their personal lives because they’re just as human and flawed as you and I.

I could be eating crow for 6 weeks but I knew the risk when I drafted him and well that’s what makes Fantasy Football so darn fun.

So send me your crappy trades and I will have a good laugh as I have probably already sent you way too many crappy trades to count!

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