Zeke owners- sell high?

With the delay, do I sell Zeke high before a potential suspension thru wk 14-16?

God, I have no idea. I think at this point you hold him for the rest of season. I have a got feeling this is going to continue to be put off until after championships… but who knows

@NewtonINTolerant I feel you. But worth taking up 2-3 bench spots the whole season? Tough…

Why 2-3 bench spots?

If you can go get bell or Melvin or some other top back it might be worth it to avoid the headache… But don’t take anything less

I think if you can get a Bell, Hunt, Melvin, Gurley, then yes, trade.

@NewtonINTolerant sorry, meant to stash McFadden and/or Morris along with Zeke.

Fortunately I got Bell and Hunt too. You really think Zeke will go for that much? I’m weak at WR. Think AJ Green straight up? Michael Thomas/hunter henry?

If you are weak at WR than I think you could get an AJ or M Thomas/Henry if you make a good argument that the chance of him actually being suspended this year are looking less likely. Offer to trade McFadden with him if ppl want it.

Thanks man :facepunch:t4: