Zeke + Pollard for Cook?

Full PPR, 12 team. Thinking about proposing, the Cook owner is weak at RB2 and Flex and as Pollard had a nice week might be interested.

Is it worth it, or am i better just staying put with a known high quaity cuff like Pollard paired with Zeke. I have Mattison. I traded for Henry this week so my starters are strong.

My team:
QB - Brady
RB - Zeke, Henry, Pollard, Gainwell, Mattison, Jones Jr
WR - Hill, Jefferson, Amari, Corey Davis
TE - Higbee

His Team Below - I could always try and trade Mattison too him.

QB - Herbert, Lawrence
RB - Cook, Davis, Robinson, Ingram, Conner
WR - Kupp, Cooks, D. Smith, Juju
TE - Waller

You can offer this, I’m not sure its enough to get him as i doubt he’ll want to start 2 Cowboys Rbs.

Btw how on earth did you manage to draft that team? Has half your league got like Futurama brain slugs?

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Seriously the only way you’re not easily winning the championship is a freak scoring week.

Only one way to find out i guess, I’ll float it out there.

Zeke fell to me at 8 and Hil unbelievably got back to me on the turn, basically all RBs, Adams and Kelce went before my second pick. Had Gibson, CEH but I coudn’t turn down Hill. Jefferson and Amari were next then some depth. Middle rounds were a mess, so i ended up with Brady, Higbee and Hines.

I was first to react and managed to collect Ty’son, Mitchell. The Henry manager lost Mostert, Edwards and then Jacobs on game day this week. Lost week one and Henry/Titans looked bad. So i threw Mitchell, Hines and Ty’son at him and he said okay - don’t ask don’t get right!

We did have two auto drafters this year due to work commitments so that did sway the draft, it’s usally more balanced. They happened to be draft 10 an 11 so between me on the turns, which helped me out. Still not sure how Hill fell but got lucky in the draft to be honest.

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Outstanding work. Squeezed every last drop and you’ve got an excellent group.

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That’s what it’s all about. Cook offer is out there, I’m sure he’ll want more or say no but you never know!

Hopefully, health allowing they should carry me far this year. Could do with Higbee stepping up but otherwise I’m very pleased.