ZEKE Ruling

Ruling is in, I don’t have him myself, just a heads up for owners and non-owners to go grab that handcuff! With the legal system, I’m sure he can file something (again) and get it delayed (again) but wanted to share with the Footclan. Good luck!

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Question is who is the actual handcuff lol

Yeah, is it better to go with McFadden or Morris?

Who will the real handcuff be?

Would there be better people on the WW who would be playing this week anyway.

So is he suspended or not??

I picked up Morris

Tough choice but I believe McFadden is the handcuff. Morris is the third down back because he runs differently than Zeke. Zeke and McFadden run similar that is why McFadden has been sitting out.

What are the chances that with this ruling coming on the bye week that Zeke applys for an appeal again and we see him on the field week 7?

I just grabbed DMC. Should I drop A. Collins BAL to grab Morris too???

High, but I think that wouldn’t be in their best interest. The New York Court is going to do the same thing this court did and rule in NFL’s favor. Zeke should sit now or risk the chance to sit during playoffs. They are trying to rush his case so it doesn’t end up like Tom Brady’s.

I grabbed both in every league that I could. Dropped kickers in some leagues, and droppable assets in others. The real question is, when will we know about the appeal??

Dilly Dilly

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I just got news the NFL is making the suspension effective immediately. Since the Cowboys have a bye week he could wait until next week. That is worse case.

Argh. I grabbed Morris and some else nabbed DMC. @MikeSpain’s point “Zeke and McFadden run similar that is why McFadden has been sitting out.” makes a lot of sense.

Yeah and DMC was the clear 2 in the preseason…I think DMC gets more run but I think it’ll be a split