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Zeke Strategy trade


12 team/.5ppr/Evans 2nd rd keeper

So i traded my 3rd overall pick for Zeke before suspension (thinking it was gonna be 2-3 week, like the guys said on the show), I have evans for 2nd rd keeper so I thought I would have my #1 RB/WR locked in before draft. Now that it is 6 games I am in trouble and had to draft very differently. I was offered:

Zeke and DMC for Ajayi and Alshon or Crabtree ?

My other RBs are Miller/CJ/Woodhead/Jaquizz
My WRs are Evans/Diggs/Martavious/John Brown

Would you guys trade Zeke for that ?


No good. I’m still high on Zeke regardless of the suspension. You have McFadden so that helps you out right there. As far as the suspension goes, there’s only one way I believe he serves 6 games this year. And that’s if the Cowboys are 3-7 or worse and out of contention for the playoffs. Then Zeke may drop the appeal and serve it at the end of the year. If the NFL doesn’t reduce it, I think it’ll be taken to court and we won’t have resolution until next year. If they reduce it to 4 then he’ll probably serve that this year but you have DMC, so I’d sit tight.


Thanks so much for the reply. I took you advice and held. But now… have an update…

I may be able to get Ajayi and Gronk for Zeke/DMC and Ertz ?

Rest of my team is still the same.

Should I pull trigger


I still wouldn’t pull the trigger. Zeke/DMC combo is better than Ajayi and of course Gronk is better but I don’t think the difference is there. Keep with what you have you will be fine!


Thanks for the reply, I’ll hold off.

Have to say that it is really great having this board to get unbiased info.

Thanks for the help