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Zeke the freak or OBJ


Feeling VERY nervous about Zeke. Not sure this suspension is going to get reduced. Also reading that if he steps out of line again that he will be gone. In a 2 keeper league I have Lev Bell (another worry) locked and loaded as a value keeper. My other 2 options are OBJ or Zeke. Standard, 10 team. I am picking 10th. I was going to keep Zeke but I’m having doubts. What would the footclan do!?


I’d keep OBJ and Bell.


The fact that this is a keeper league does change things somewhat, as Zeke’s keeper value is higher than his redraft value, but with another premium option in OBJ I think it’s a no-brainer that you keep OBJ who is likely to be a top flight option for years to come.


I’d fall on the OBJ side as well.