Zeke Trade 0-3 start

I was offered Chubb/Mixon and Lockett/Thielen for Zeke. This is a .5 ppr redraft league. I ran into the 3 highest scoring teams and started 0-3. my team is listed below. Would you accept this trade or hold tight with the roster I have? If you would accept which combo would you go with?

QB: Lamar
RBs: Zeke, D. Cook, Michel, Damien Williams, T. Coleman. I have the handcuffs for both Zeke and Cook as well.
WRs: Evans, Woods, Moore, MVS
TE M. Andrews

Appreciate all the help!

Have you played the top 3 scoring teams in your league?
I think you have a good roster. Zeke has the ability to put up 40 in a given week over the players offered.
I’d lean towards the Chubb and Lockett if I did a trade but you have good depth

Hold tight w what you have

Yea unfortunately. Tilting hard with this start.

I would stand pat… I think better days are ahead for Zeke

I would take Chubb and Lockett. Chubb has been scoring similar points to Zeke. And your WR are not consistent enough. Woods is not reliable and Moore and MVS could be hot or misses