Zeke trade deal - Dynasty

Hey Guys, Just traded Zeke in a dynasty league (super flex ppr) for Cam Akers + 1st 2021 and 2nd 2021. What do people think of the trade? What do other people get for him?

I feel like you could have gotten more but it really depends on how Akers turns out. If he is day one starter and a top 20 RB I like your side. If it is RBBC, then I like the Zeke side

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In terms of the trade in a bubble, you lost the trade by a little bit being that Zeke is like a top 5 dynasty asset.

If you’re rebuilding, I think you’ll be ok adding picks and prospects. Who know where Zeke is or how he is playing in 3 years.

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…and if the new zeke owner finishes strong, means you receive low 1st and low 2nd rounder. Right now not the best deal ever but who knows in a couple years

Yeah but don’t forget losing Zeke makes his team worse and increases the value of his picks.

Yeah but if you’re tanking then I would try to get more draft capital out of that deal maybe by throwing another veteran in the mix and snatch up another high pick. Tank for Lawrence!

Thanks All, I rate Akers and think he will be a top 5-10 RB 2021-2022. I also think Zeke will regress quite strongly in 2021-2022. However time will tell! That was my rationale