Zeke Trade Help!

I was offered…

Chris Hogan, Aaron Jones, and Alex Smith


Zeke, Coleman and Funches

I have
QB-Tyrod Taylor
RB-Demarco Murray (BYE), Henry (BYE), James White, Coleman, Dion Lewis, and Gore… I could pick up a Raiders back if needed.
WR-Crabtree, Baldwin, Funches, Stills, and Richardson

What do you all think? I do not know if I should do it or take my odds with Zeke’s suspension?

Keep Zeke.

If you want to trade him you need to get yourself a more sure RB not Aaron Jones

That is fair. Would you believe I could sell him if he was suspended?

You probably wont be able to sell him tbh…

personally i dont think he gets suspended this year…or even at all… but if you feel scared i really recommend try getting a sure fire starter.

I bought him as a put it all on the line and now I am getting cold feet about keeping him… I think I am going to hold out unless the other guy gives me Ingram instead of Jones. Then I will add Murray to the deal.

Idk Zeke i reaally like i say keep for now

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No way you do this trade.

Your WR are fine so you don’t really need another middle of the pack guy like Hogan

Even if Zeke does get suspended you still have Murray, and one of the other two guys to plug in who aren’t horrible options at RB2.

The only thing you are missing out on here is Smith but Tyrod has a decent schedule coming up and you can probably stream the rest of the season. Rumor has it if Zeke gets suspended it is 2-3 games. If that is the case you can either sit tight on him and hope you last long enough to utilize him for a push when he comes back. or if you need to “win now” you can trade him to a 1st or 2nd place team who will most likely be in the playoffs and could use him then. Sure it stacks their team and would make them a more difficult opponent, but you gotta get a seat at the playoff table first, then worry about who you are playing.

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