Zeke Trade offer 1.02

I got a trade offer that I’m getting Zeke. I’m getting Zeke for AB, Fournette and Micheal Gallup. Should I accept?

Assume this is dynasty?

How many teams? PPR or non-PPR? Starting lineup requirements? And most importantly, do you consider yourself a contender?

Zeke has the brightest future for sure in the NFL, don’t do it. Fournette doesn’t have the discipline to keep himself at his productive weight and therefore lacks discipline to be successful in the NFL. Gallup might be good in the next 2-3 years. AB is fire, but he’s over 30. Zeke is your long-term backbone, don’t lose him.


I wouldn’t trade zeke for that. To many questions zeke already is elite might even be the nr1 RB in the nfl.

Its not far out but this is to little value

Pretty sure that @ChasTrumm is receiving Zeke and trading away AB, Fournette and Gallup. That’s how I read it.

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You my son are right. How does your team look without ab en gallup? Enough depth at wr? If yes,
Deff do the trade haha. Zeke is a beast.

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