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Would you trade Cohen, Latav Maury and DEZ for ZEKE, morris and Dem Thomas?

RBS: Bell, Hunt, Ty Mont., Cohen, Latavious Maury
WRS: Dez, Fitz, Ted Ginn, Decker, Galladay

12 team .5 ppr


I would try to get some better players than Morris and DT. Morris irrelevant if Zeke stays in the game and DT is a fantasy headache. Plus if it’s not a keeper and Zeke’s suspension holds, you’re left holding the bag, especially since Mcfadden could still take the job. Cohen and Dez alone are worth a good amount right now. With the players you listed, I would try to get some better WRs since your RB depth is insane. Idk if that helps! Good luck!


THanks for taking the time to respond!!! Very helpful.