Zeke trade options

I am the Zeke owner, I am starting to feel a bit nervous about his health. I was thinking of maybe trying to make a clean trade with him. I was thinking of trying to get David Johnson or McCaffrey maybe Sony? If you have any suggestions or thoughts please don’t pull any punches. Thanks!

I could be down trying to get McCaffery especially with bye week out of the way. The other two I certainly prefer zeke by a decent amount.

I would run with Zeke, I dont like Arizona’s offense and dont see DJ doing much. Im a DJ owner though so I could be biased. McCaffrey is good though. You could target the Melvin Gordon owner

I just got melvin gordon sony and ty for zeke lindsay and keenan allen and i’m stoked about it. gordon is much better than zeke ros

Id rather have Gordon as well but the Gordon owner would trade. Good trade though

Hey fellow zeke owner here. So I’m sticking with zeke because his upside to me is better than mccaffrey. Zeke can take over a game and get you superstar numbers. If you’re really worried about him, I’d do a package for maybe a receiver like Robert woods (anybody from that rams offense), or and maybe a Melvin Gordon. Other than that I’d roll with zeke, maybe get rod Smith