Zeke trade... potentially

It’s a single keeper league, non-ppr, 12 teams. I have zeke and so far underwhelmed. I’ve entertained the idea of trading zeke for Sony and Keenan but then i’d be left without a keeper for the future. Thinking of offering Zeke and Watkins/Jones Jr for CMac and D Adams.

Fair offer and would you take it?

In a single keeper league, especially in non-ppr, I think Zeke is too valuable. Is there any other limitation on keeper? I.e. can only keep for 1 or 2 years? If its an indefinite keeper, Zeke is still the guy. But the trade you proposed, benefits you a lot more for this year. Anytime you can give up a QB for a skill position, it’s worth it.

No limitations on keepers. What QB?

Whoops sorry I misread Watkins as Watson. Still a good trade.

CMC = Zeke are pretty even this season. and Adams > Jones/Watkins by a mile. And Adams is way better in standard compared to ppr.

Bump on the sony question?