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Zeke trade review


I am 5-0 in my league and starting to build for a playoff run. My team consists of:

Rivers, Luck
Hunt, Martin, Hyde, Kamara, Foreman, Mack, McFadden, and Morris
Jordy, Benjamin, Parker, and Shepard

I would be trading Hyde, McFadden, and Morris for Zeke to set me up for the playoffs.

What do you guys think?


What format?


I always forget to put that, I’m in standard.


Yes, Zeke has a good playoff schedule and he will be fresh when he comes back. I just traded him away on Monday in a package deal(got super lucky) and plan on attempting to get him back in a few weeks.


A good deal if they actually uphold zeke’s suspension. If he is able to delay it at all it’ll mess it up though because that sets up possibly having him benched during playoffs.


That is my biggest worry, I am hoping the appeals doesn’t work and he just sits for 6 weeks. But I wasn’t very high on Hyde as I think his value will continue to diminish as the season goes along.