Zeke trade - thoughts?

Would you trade Zeke for LeVeon and Mahomes?

I have Kamara and Carson if that makes a difference.

who is your current qb?

Currently, I’m rolling Sam Darnold out. Yeah it’s bleek, I know.

Can you wait to make the trade after you see how Leveon plays and is used this week? If he looks bad I wouldn’t make the trade, if he does well I’d make it. It’s just that the way things are rolling now, on a week to week basis I bet zekes point total over bell will be greater than mahomes’s vs darnold or a quality streaming option. If Bell picks it up, then it’s a great move.

I wouldn’t do it. Has to be someone better on waivers ?

To have those 3 … 2 RB and your flex set up is pretty sweet.

Mind you Darnold has a good schedule going forward.