Zeke Trade, thoughts?

10 team .5 PPR

Give: Zeke, Ridley
Get: Davante Adams, Juju

My RBs: Zeke, CMC, Sony, Kerryon
My WRs: Landry, Baldwin, Cooper, Ridley, Boyd

Really don’t like giving away a premium RB, despite the depth.

I don’t like it. Never a fan for trading a RB1 for a WR1. See if you can sub in Sony for that trade.

Same, but at this point, I have the lowest scoring WR corp in the league by a good margin. I would feel confident rolling out CMC and Sony every week with Kerryon to take Sony’s spot during the bye.

In a vacuum, its a very even exchange. Given the context of your team, I like the trade a lot more.

Ridley is not worth it. I don’t know how many times I have to say to sell this guy before people start listening. Fact that you can still sell at this price is insane.

You’re giving up Zeke sure, but you’re getting back 2 top 12 WRs. And you need the WR help really badly. I spent a few hours watching Baldwin tape and I am genuinely worried about his outlook.

And you have decent enough RB depth with CMC/Sony/Kerryon to make up for the drop off in zeke and you can start Landry/Adams/JuJu right away.

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You’d be dangerously thin in case of an injury though.

Baldwin should come around, I’d hold pat here.

Sony doesn’t have the name value to pull off that trade IMO. Also it’s a keeper league and I got Sony late in the draft, so there is that to consider.

Got it. Then I would go for it. Was just thinking to start with Sony and go to Zeke if necessary.

My thinking exactly. I posted a thread on Reddit last week making a case for selling high on Ridley due to his snap counts and target share and got so much crap for it. I had people interested in a straight AP or Conner for Ridley swap last week but now you probably can’t get much for Ridley. Thanks for your feedback.

I have sony in all my keeper leagues. I’m not giving away for anything short of a fortune.

Been on here doing the same thing since his blow up week. It was crazy the types of offers some people were getting and they were turning them down. I remember reading one where this dude turned down Lev Bell + someone else for Ridley. I had to check my eyes.

Just completed the trade. It ended up being Zeke + Ridley for Davante Adams + JuJu + CHI Defense. Feel really good about this one.

New lineup 10 team .5 ppr

QB: Jameis, Dalton
RB: CMC, Sony, Kerryon, Drake, Clement, D’Onta Foreman on IR
WR: Davante, JuJu, Landry, Baldwin, Boyd
TE: Gronk
K: Bryant
DEF: Chicago

Considering I started the year with Cooper, Hogan, Baldwin, Crowder and Robby Anderson I think I made the right moves.

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Solid. Chicago D might be the most underrated fantasy defense. Pretty on par with JAX imo given the sack floor.