Zeke trade value given holdout

So I’m in a dynasty 12 person superflex empire league (similar to dynasty), and one of my league mates is trying to trade away zeke. What offers would you guys start with and what is the most you’d trade for him given the holdout? Roster is shown below.

Zeke’s holdout is not really tanking him that much. He isn’t melvin gordon

Id think you would need

Aaron jones/ fournette and a third to get him. Like a isabella or a kirk

He just offered humphries/zeke for cooks/fournette. Thoughts?

He said he’s willing to haggle, so I’m going to try to get cooks removed from the deal

Honestly id do that. Cooks n fournett. Take Humphries out. But ya obviously if you can swap out cooks

I’m honestly really nervous about zeke. He’s getting close to the deadline, so there is at least reason to believe he might continue this way.

I have a league mate who is short on running backs and he has honeslty mentioned using D. Hopkins as a trade piece. I have zeke. Would either of you do zeke for hopkins straight up? I’ve got aaron jones, nick chubb, devonta freeman, derius guice, and damien williams behind him (half-ppr, dynasty).

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I would likely take that if you’re nervous. Hopkins and zeke are decently close in value right now, and WRs last longer anyway

Ended up trading fournette and Kirk for zeke (and cordarelle Patterson, but might drop him soon anyway)


WOW good work man!

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