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Zeke trade


In a 4 man keeper where you keep the player the round drafted. Just got an offer where I trade Zeke (1st round) and my 14th pick, for Freeman (16th round) and a 2nd round pick.
I’ve already made 2 trades this off season to acquire an additional 4th and 5th round pick. Thoughts?


Without knowing a bit more about your current keepers and league size, it’s hard to say. However, I’m not giving up Zeke for less than a king’s ransom. I’m not sure that was a king’s ransom you were offered.


Would be keeping Bell (4th), Jordy (2nd) and Robinson in the 8th. Elliott is my 1st round keeper as of now.


Nope, nope, nope. I don’t do that. Zeke + Bell is going to be a monster combo. I’ve got DJ + Bell in my dynasty league and I’m not giving up either piece for anything short of the world.


Yeah after running the numbers I shot it down. Getting my 1st round pick back and an extra 2nd is nice, but I’m the back to back champ picking last and there will nothing great there talent wise anyway with 40 players being kept.