Zeke vs Bell?

I have the 1.01, in a 1 keeper PPR league. I already have Hunt kept, can someone talk me out of taking Zeke over Bell? (Gurley is being kept and i’m not a big David Johnson guy). If y’all agree that its not that far fetched let me know!

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If you really love Zeke, I can’t blame you for taking him, but to me Bell and Gurley are alone in the top RB tier, especially in PPR.

Zeke is not used in the passing game at all. He only has 58 career receptions, 26 last year and 32 in 2016. Bell had 85 receptions last year alone.

The Cowboys will definitely put the team on Zeke’s back at every possible opportunity, so his volume on the ground will absolutely be valuable, but he’s handicapped 60ish points. I think I would even take Kamara or Gordon over Zeke in PPR tbh.

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Would be more comfortable with Bell over Zeke as well. Steelers offense will be humming and multi-dimensional vs a Cowboys offense that teams will likely stack the box against. Zeke will get volume galore but give me Bell in everything outside of Dynasty.

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im a big zeke fan so i would go zeke. as a bonus, you will get to keep him for a lot longer. his receptions, although not great year 1, were on track to be decent to good. he was looking at 40 receptions on the pace he was on. he was also on pace for over 10 rushing TDs and 1600 yards rushing again. he basically missed half the season with his denver game, and still almost hit 1000 rushing yards. if he gets 40 receptions and 10+ TDs like he has been on pace for both years now, he is crazy valuable. and you could see they were trying to work him into the passing game more. so i think 40-50 receptions a year with his added yards and TD bonus puts him on par, if not just below bell. then long term value goes all zeke.

either way, its not crazy to go for either or. i just see top 3 production from a guy who is younger and has sooo much less tread on his tires. makes it an easy choice to pick zeke for me. and if they do involve him more in his 3rd year in the passing game like the rams did with gurley, and he gets in the 60 reception range… jesus look out. but i think he sits around 40 to 50 and is just dominant as a runner so it doesnt matter AS much. obviously you want to have a guy getting 80 receptions a year, but it stings less when the guy you choose over bell happens to be one of the most pure RBs to come out in a while. and can catch.

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A target is worth a crap load more than a carry in fantasy football. Bell and Zeke will without a doubt both have a ton of carries, but Zeke doesn’t get utilized in the passing game the same way Bell does. Unless there is a huge change in Zeke’s utilization, Bell will have the higher week to week floor. I mean, come on now, in a full PPR you’ll probably get 4 to 5 points off of receptions alone per game from Bell, that’s just not Zeke’s game (as of right now)

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Everyone here is making some great points on why Bell would have the advantage over Zeke. since you’re looking at PPR format, Bell would probably be the way to go… However… Zeke is a beast, man… Just a straight animal with the ball in his hands… so is Bell don’t get me wrong. But Zeke is coming into this season free of the distractions that he was facing last year. The Cowboys are going to put the workload on him and he’s shown he can handle that. The volume is going to be insane for both players. Either way you go I think you’ll be happy watching the games each week. Good luck :+1:t4:

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Can’t fault you for going Zeke. If this is a ppr format though, hard to take anyone over bell. Dude has been the model of absolute consistency and just a total bell cow consistently getting 30+ touches a game. Because he’s so involved in receiving game, he will never get written out of the game script whereas for Zeke you can. Not to mention given how trash the cowboys receiving corps is, Zeke going to be facing a stacked box more often than not whereas Bell just won’t be given the passing firepower they have at steelers. Not to say that Zeke can’t beat a stacked box cause I think he is the best pure runner in the game and is a generational talent. They also probably have more opportunities in the endzone then Zeke. I expect cowboys to be trailing a lot of games so they won’t be able to use Zeke as much to grind out the clock.

Zeke is still a beast and although he is a capable pass catcher, they just don’t involve him in the pass game as much and end of the day, Bell is a superior pass catcher/route runner than Zeke. If it’s a full PPR, very hard to make case for Zeke but in a half PPR, it’s definitely closer.

Personally, I go Bell everytime but no one is going to call you crazy for going Zeke.