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Zeke vs Mixon ROS


Standard Scoring, who do you prefer ROS and why?

I may have an option to get Zeke but i think i’ll need to give up Mixon to do it, but given the Cowboys woes and O Line injuries would you want to make this swap? What would you trade to a pancaking Zeke to get him?

My Full team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen, Ito,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Allen, MVS
TE - Ertz
DST and Kicker - Jags and Packers for this week and Gould


Also i don’t mind a ROS move here, i’m 7-2 and a lock to get in to the playoffs. I’m playing the Gurley owner who also had CMC and JuJu play last night. Plus he has the Jets DST and Greg the leg so I can take a view from next week if that helps. I have a three game lead on the chasing pack


This is a hard one… I am a Saquon, Mixon and Zeke owner, in my league we have no flex so this week I am sitting Zeke and starting Mixon. That being said Zeke is Zeke and if you can get him cheap I would probably do it.


With your team comp I find it hard to see a trade without having you give too much. The Zeke owner probably won’t do Zeke for Mixon straight up. The most I would offer would probably be Mixon and MVS


Or if you have a flex In your league and you can Move AJ + Cohen id probably do that


Prefer Mixon myself, but could be biased as I just acquired him and don’t have zeke. Would suggest you look for Gio, should you stick with Mixon


Yeah so the Zeke owner has made a couple of bad deals and now really has Zeke, Mahommes and Thielen as his core and not a lot else, at least not that i would feel good about long term. He powered to top of the league but is starting to lose now and wants to re-load a bit. His roster is below and yes we have a RB/WR flex alongside the usual 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1QB, 1K&DST.

I like Mixon’s schedule a lot more but Zeke gets so much volume and now in the passing game too i think getting him now on the low could be a win for me, as long as i can buy cheap.

Zeke owners team: - I think i have the power here as he has a massive drop off in talent from his core!
QB - Mahommes, Dak
RBs - Zeke, White, Hyde, Carson
WRs - Thielen, Kenny G, Kirk, Edelman, Alison (yet to drop)
TE - Jimmy G,
DST and Kicker - Panthers who he left in smh, LAC and Lutz


No i think i prefer him myself too and would love to keep him if i can get Zeke, just having the opening to maybe buy him cheap especially given his RB depth he may be open to a stud for depth swap which he does every year i swear at some point.


Agree with your points, and they’re isn’t much, if anything, between them.

I don’t know that you do have the power; Zeke is worth more to him because he’s thin. I think he’s ok with Zeke and White, but Edelman isn’t great as his WR2. In his position I’m looking to split Thielen into 2 better WR’s some how. Especially as Thielen still has to go on Bye - he’s in trouble that week.

It’s a pity for you that you’ve lost green (as have I) which restricts you packing a WR


It’s more of an owner specific trait that i know how he looks at things that he may be open to 2 for 1 on Zeke with lower tier players but will see how i get on when he comes back to me. He got burnt trading Hill away and Wilson for basically the sum of Hyde, Allison, Edelman, Kirk and White - bought the Hyde to Jax hype and into Allison too much in my view.

I agree on Thielen as he’s on bye this week and he left the Panthers in so is -4 down already so his WR core is a mess this week. I know and Green was doing a good job for me this year, if he would buy into Green coming back plus another start worthy asset i could try for Thielen but i’m not forcing a trade, i like my roster enough to be fair and given too much up will leave me thin somewhere if i get an injury.

What do you think of OBJ as a trade chip here, do you read into this Manning gets one more guaranteed start business? I don’t know if i want him with a back up QB throwing to him and the team falling apart week after week. Issue is i play him next week so would need to face Odell and he has a nice schedule and while he gets volume he’ll always be an asset…


I’ve just realised White is on Bye next week, so that might help leverage something like cook + Jones for Zeke to give him 2 useful starters. With no flex, 6 RB’s is quite a lot to hold to play 2. Gio is useless with Mixon fit, so you might be able to 1:1 Ito for him depending on his owner.

Some people are irrational. F.e. I offered Chubb+Hilton for Hopkins (which I think is reasonable) to a guy with Hopkins and diggs on Bye and 1 fit RB and was declined. He’ll lose this week and that’s him out of the playoffs, but he’d rather own Hopkins.

I’m not well informed on OBJ. I like him and being a whiner really works in his favour, but I can’t help with that one.

I’ll caveat this by saying this is my first season and I’ve only follow American Football for 10 weeks… (I’m English)


Yeah that makes sense, just clarify we do have a flex for either WR and RB and in standard the depth is so useful but yeah i don’t necessary want 4 high end starters and only able to play 3 when i could parlay that wealth into another high end starter at WR etc. Will see what he says and yes i forgot about Whites bye next week too, could help. He’s a Vikes fan so Cook could carry some value.

Agree on OBJ, he’s never someone to sell too low because he is and can be a monster any week any format, just need to make sure your lineup can cope with him busting the odd week which i have so i’m okay there.

Good to hear you’ve taken the plunge though, 2nd season for me really with fantasy and 4th following the NFL. English too glad to hear there are more of us getting involved out there!


With a flex that does reduce depth a touch. But I’d be ok playing Cohen or MVS in a flex should you suffer an injury. Hopefully A.J. is back for the playoffs to bolster your wr core.

A guy at work needed a 12th man so he asked me to join. Honestly, it’s not a great league but I’m greatly enjoying it nonetheless!


Yeah my view as well here, hoping AJ is back but i’ll see what if anything can be done to add here.
That’s the main thing man good to hear!