Zeke will play Sunday

Just a heads up everyone.

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Any idea if this means he is likely to resume suspension next week, pushing his return from eventual suspension to week 16 rather than 15?

Yeah I think he absolutely will be suspended this year. Which means his suspension is pushing farther and farther into playoffs.

I thought I read that he will most likely play all season.

Man I hope that’s th case.

Since I am not a Zeke owner, I am happy he can play this week. As Long as he is Suspended at some point this Year. I Do not want to meet him in the Playoffs, with the Cowboys looking to fight for a Wild Card spot.

Good Luck Zeke Owers. :grinning:

Im sure it’ll be week to week, but per Adam Schefter:

Ezekiel Elliott fate decided next week; if 2nd Cir panel reverses Judge Failla’s rejection of PI, almost certain to last through end of year

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So it appears whatever the 2nd circuit decides is likely to be his fate for the remainder of this season? If they rule he can’t play he’ll begin his suspension next week and return week 16, or if they allow him to play he’ll be a weekly fixture in Fantasy lineups? I’m ready for the carousel to stop one way or another as a Zeke owner.

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We are all tired of it. I don’t have Zeke but I am a Cowboys fan. We are tired of it. Wish he would have sat at the beginning of the year but I get what he is fighting for.

If second Circuit Court allows them a trial then it won’t be decided until late winter early spring which means Zeke is good for the year. If then rule in favor of the 5th Circuit on Tuesday then he starts his suspension

I’d fight for it. If the justice system found no wrong doing, what the hell is the NFL doing acting as if they can investigate at higher levels than the law and ruin reputations. I’d say that whether I was a Zeke owner or not.

I mean I completely agree. If the actual legal system didn’t punish him what make the NFL so high and mighty? They are only doing this because they handled the Ray Rice case so poorly.

At the end of the day if he didn’t do it he still knocked out a dude at a bar which makes him look aggressive. I don’t think the NFL is going to let up on him which sucks.

It is rather annoying. I can understand why the guy is fighting though. He says he’s an innocent, if that is true he shouldn’t have to be suspended. But as a fantasy owner, wish he sat out the first 6 if he was going to roll over and die.

He did anything but roll over and die lol. I think Jerry Jones has a big impact on this. He doesn’t like whats going on with the NFL acting higher than the actual legal system. In a way I think Jerry is more powerful than the NFL. He has made the nfl put off Goddell’s contract so we will see what happens.

Would cowboys fans really be saying “I wish he just sat out the first 6 games” if there were 0-6. I bet they would be saying “He should have fought for it”

As a Zeke owner im ecstatic he’s playing this week and I need to win out to make the playoffs.

As a football fan Zeke diffidently deserves something as he’s TKO’d a dude in a bar and grabbing titties out in public.

I am a Cowboys fan and I think our record would be the exact same if Zeke missed the first 6 games vs missing the next 6 games. Our schedule the second half of the season is significantly harder and we need him.

I agree he does deserve something but I don’t think they are handling this appropriately.

Wasn’t aware that Jerry had that much pull honestly. Makes sense though, if this were Brady he would be sitting prob. He got granted by the same court Brady got denied at I’m pretty sure. Could be wrong.

It was the same Court but they didn’t actually grant him the TRO he is looking for or rule on anything…they allowed a one week administrative hold since the court itself isn’t scheduled to even convene at all until next week at which point they will actually rule on his TRO followed by the actual appeal case…so essentially since the court wasn’t going to be there to rule on the merits of the case itself they delayed the suspension for one week it without making ANY decision or even looking at the merits of the case itself…this is still the court that ruled against Brady so the likelihood of them ruling for Demarco seems unlikely but still possible, but in either case it also seems unlikely (but unknown) if they will grant the TRO to Zeke…so it’s possible that Zeke serves the suspension and ultimately wins the case as even if they agree to hear the case they don’t have to grant the TRO.

My guess is that Zeke plays this week (obviously), they don’t grant his TRO but agree to hear the appeal so his suspension starts next week and he’s back week 16. I think he loses the appeal to the second circuit and tries to appeal to the Supreme Court which is when it would get really interesting…Brady could have but chose not to…I think Zeke and the NFLPA fight this one to the very end because they feel he has been wronged and the policy is bad…

TL;DR: Zeke plays this week on legal technicality, Court will decide next week if he plays beyond this week, likely headed to Supreme Court ultimately

I understand that he is fighting for what he believes is right and that he feels he’s been wronged, yada yada.
If I was accused of something that I DID NOT do I’d probably feel the same way. I totally get the principle behind the whole thing.

BUT regardless of what did or did not actually happen… don’t you think that this whole absurd process is doing more harm to his image? I mean at least had he just served the suspension, yes the NFL wins and maybe he’s stubborn and doesn’t like the thought of that… but at least it’s over with and out of the spotlight quicker.

I just feel like dragging this entire thing out, right or wrong, is harming his image more than anything because most people (casual, uninformed people especially) probably just look at him now as the domestic abuser who refuses to accept his punishment and made a mockery of the NFL.

Just my two cents.

At this point I don’t think his image takes any more of a hit than it already has…and if he eventually does win he can point to that and say “see I told you I was innocent and right”…not to mention that this sets a precedent for all commish rulings to come. So I am sure the NFLPA is just as interested in the outcome as he is and wants to keep pushing it. It’s basically a question of how much power the commish has and if it can be questioned…so it definitely goes way beyond just Zeke and this season

I agree that if he just took the suspension already the cowboys would be better off but on the same token that would have been agreeing to everything above, makes it more likely Zeke loses endorsement deals, etc. so I don’t fault them in this case for pushing forward with it. I personally think the player conduct policy gives way too much power to the commish but at the same time the players agreed to it…so it’s a tough one…but I don’t think they saw a situation where charges were dismissed/dropped and still be suspended the full six would occur unless there was overwhelming proof (like ray rice)…