Zeke will play Sunday

My thoughts exactly. If if he does win and is proven innocent then I feel as of something will be done as far as how much “power” the commish can have. Something’s gotta give in the NFL. As I got more involved into this (being a zeke owner) I realized there’s a bigger picture.


What percentage would you all put on Elliott playing every game this season? Seems very likely if he gets a favorable ruling next week. I’ll put a 15% chance he does. Must state if you’re a Zeke owner or not.

Zeke owner - 10% chance but a 99% chance NFLPA file to the supreme Court giving Zeke at least a second game.

Zeke is no Angel but he doesn’t deserve 6 games-This is all about the Ray Rice fiasco-I’ve been a Cowboys fan forever and he needs to grow up-Jerry wants to talk all about domestic violence etc BUT it’s hard to believe anything he says about Zeke when ya let Greg Hardy play for ya-This whole situation is ridiculous!

Team I played (and squeeked by for the win) dropped Zeke. The team I am playing this week had the low waiver claim number and added him. After losing Watson, having Benjamin inactive due to the trade to BUF, and having Gordon and Allen on bye, my chances at a win were minimal. Now they are non-existent. Already planning moves for next week.

I think there’s about a 5% chance he’ll play the season. As sad as it is…Goodell likes to show how big his genitals are. Lol.