Zeke... Zeke.... What to do?

I really had high hopes for Zeke this year but I probably should’ve taken into account how bad the cowboys really are.

He plays Philadelphia next week and I have mixon on my bench… Should I sit Zeke and start Mixon? Philadelphia is ranked #2 rushing defense and I NEED to win these next few weeks

I would say yes bench him, but Zeke has been part of the passing game.
Barkley torched the Eagles…Giants loss but Saquon put up huge numbers that game.

I have Zeke and I am starting him.

Who is your other RB that you can afford to sit Mixon?

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Saquon with no flex league

Now you’re making me want to start Zeke ):

Zeke, Saquon and Mixon. Dayum, quite the line up.

I would sit Zeke then. If I had your choices I would def have him on the bench then.
Eagles need this game- they’re gonna attack- you have way better match ups wit the other 2.

For next year, convince your league to have a flex. I convinced my league and this is our first year with it. We all love it. Now I’m working on .5 point and FAAB waiver.


I tried hahaha… I think next year we are changing to a flex