Zeke's Value

I have Zeke, I also have McFadden along with Gurley, Mixon, and Hill. I’ve already been offered a trade for Zeke. How long do I wait, what should I be getting for Zeke. My first offer is Kareem Hunt and Brandin Cooks for Zeke. .5 PPR League, 10 teams. Thanks #footclan-community

Hunt and Cooks is tasty!!

It depends on how long you want to wait. If you have a roster that you feel can tread water while he is out, then hold onto him. You have McFadden who should be able to fill a RB void while you wait.

If you feel your WRs are strong enough along with the rest of your team to get you wins the first half of the year. I would hold on to Zeke and ride him through to the playoffs. If you feel other areas on your team are lacking, then maybe pull the trigger for Hunt and Cooks.

Odell, Hopkins, Crowder, T. Williams, Diggs. It almost seems like I should just hold on to him. Since it is a 10 team league I have a lot of good players I can just ride with until his suspension. I don’t know.

Looking at your wide receiver core, I think you could use some more help. With Edelman out for the season that makes Cooks have a ton more upside and he could very well be a top 10 wide receiver at the end of the season. If it was me, I would probably make that trade happen. Having Odell, Cooks, Hopkins and Gurley & Hunt would make me comfortable enough to pull the trigger.

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I don’t think you need to make that trade right now. Odell and Hopkins will suffice as your top two. Fill in Diggs and Crowder in your flex based on the match-up. Mcfadden and Gurley are your RBs will be plenty.

If you hold on to Zeke now, you can either use him second half OR the longer you hold on to him, the more valuable he is. Right now people may take advantage and offer less since he is out for 6 weeks. Come weeks 5,6,7 if you need to make a move for better WRs or RBs, I am sure someone would offer you a lot more.

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What mchild89 said does make sense. I play in a league that does not have a flex and 3 WR’s so to me it would be easier to make this trade happen but for two WR leagues I would probably wait as well.

Appreciate the advise. I think I’ll wait. I drafted him for a reason…I don’t think Cooks’ value goes that much higher and I’m not 100% confident of Kareem Hunt. The workload is there…just not as much as Zeke’s when he comes back.