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Zero Everything draft strategy


Anyone ever tried a “Zero Everything” draft strategy?

As in, no RB or WR in the first two rounds… which means you’re taking Gronk & Rodgers. Which could only be a consideration if you were both crazy and have a late round draft spot in a large league.

Anyway. Tried it on Fantasy Draft Wizard using the UDK., drafting 12th in 12-team standard. Here’s what it spit out.

QB – Aaron Rodgers
WR – Sammy, A.Rob, Fitz, Ty.Williams
RB – Gilly, Gore, D.Martin, T.West, R.Kelley, Jacquizz (cuff)
TE – Gronk
K – Tucker
D – Houston

Thoughts? What’s your confidence rolling into the season with this squad?
What’s your ruling, Judge @brookscarmean??


It’s a lot of what if’s with the rb position but there’s a lot of upside on the team.


Agreed. You arguably end up with the #1 guy in 4 positions (if you include K & DEF and depending how you feel about Houston)… but then you have to be so careful with the rest of your draft with WR/RB.

Felt very insecure about the team, just hoping for a little bit of value to drop to me here and there. Getting Gilly at 5.12 and Gore at 6.01 felt like a gift. Same with Fitz at 7.12 and Martin at 8.01. Things like that’ll happen but there’s no reliability while you’re drafting.

…granted, if you zoom out and assume a (relatively) healthy season for Gronk, QB & TE do look quite nice. Just feels very foreign to be relying on the core of my team to not be what we all traditionally look at as our core positions (WR/RB).


You finish with the #1 in 2 positions yes, but…
QB = The disparity of points from the 1st QB to the 7th isn’t that big. You will only have a mild advantage.
TE = Yeah Gronk will be great right up until he gets injured. Then you are kinda F’d.
D and Kicker = Not significant, really depends on game script and health

This is opening the door to a lot of risk.