Zero RB 2019

Am I alone in being perfectly ok with going zero RB strategy this year? I feel I would be just fine with White, Texans backfield, Barber, Murray and/or Ballage.

I’m a big Zero RB proponent. Was last year and even more so this based on the continued over appreciation of RB values opening up door for huge WR values in the late 1st/early 2nd in redraft leagues. I think the middle/late rounds have a bunch of options for RBs i’d be comfortable taking if I open with all WRs.

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Example was draft I just did in a superflex with other footclan members:

1-4 left with evans/mahomes/theilen/hilton picked up henry/drake/miller/cohen as my next picks. Deff a viable option for this years draft and even more so in any half or ppr formats.

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