Zero RB, am I screwed?

I got dealt the 8th position and got caught up in the Zero RB strat. I was hoping Carson or Michel would be there in the 5th round for me, they were not. I went Adams, Evans, Kittle, Woods in 1-4 and then RBs got super scarce. I ended up with Montgomery, Sanders, Ekeler, Murray, Freeman, Justice Hill and Malcolm Brown. My QB is Lamar Jackson. How screwed do you guys think I am?

If Melvin doesn’t come back, you should be ok.

Did you just list Devontae Freeman as the 5th RB on your list? If you’ve got Montgomery and Freeman with Murray and Eckler backing up or playing a flex, you’re fine. Hell, it doesn’t really matter if Gordon comes back or not. I think you’re good at RB.

Sorry, Royce. UGH

You aren’t screwed at all. This team is good. You have 3 top 10 WRs (Woods is borderline but the other 2 are top 10). You have an elite TE. Montgomery is the guy in CHI and is filling the spot that vacated 250+ touches a game in a solid offense. When healthy, Freeman has shown to be a solid RB1. Sanders should take over the Philly job after a few weeks and be the starter there. NO has shown for years they can support 2 fantasy relevant RBs and Murray just takes over the Ingram role. If Kamara misses any time Murray is a solid RB1 on NO. I think you’re all set with this team and teh zero RB actually worked out for you.