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Zero RB for stupid league


So I’m doing this stupid 8 team redraft work league. We’re starting 1 qb, 1 wr, 1 rb, 1 te, and 5 flex! How would this change your rankings and is going Zero RB the way to go? 1/2 ppr


Draft normally, there is enough WR depth that not taking an RB in the early round may handicap you. Example, you take a ton of WRs, but your RB is weak. Others pick up depth later at WR and the difference in production isn’t that huge. However, the difference in production form your RB is huge. You lose.

You can take an early RB then go WR heavy. Maybe pick up some late round flyer RBs.


Ok, thanks. We actually started the draft today. We’re doing a slow draft, one round per day at work. I took ODB with 5th pick. The 6th and 8th picks took Brady and Rodgers respectively, lol, this is why I hate work leagues.


Brady and Rodgers went in the 1st round! In an 8 team league!!! I would not have advised that.

Would be cool to get Thomas in the 2nd and like Howard or Miller in the 3rd.


Yeah if that’s how they will draft, take your tremendous values you will get. Hell murray or Gordon may fall to you at this rate. Get your top end rb and then just pound wrs down their throat. Then pick up a backup rb in like the 5th. Then pound even more wrs down their throat.


they are easy to win though


I don’t think you need any advice on how to draft in this league. It’s a piece of cake, just draft best available.


I thought it was going to be slightly more competitive.


Assuming there’s money on the line? Just draft how you’re supposed to and take their money.


Of course!


Yep. As @Guinness said…

It’s as if positions don’t matter in this league. So just lump WR/RB/TE into one big pool. Find rankings you trust (UDK) and throw together the stat projections for all of 'em. Just draft by whichever player remaining has the highest projected total for the season, regardless of position. Obviously, take into account boom/bust or breakout opportunities, but position shouldn’t matter.

With only 8 teams, who cares about QB. You’ll get a QB1 even if it’s your last pick in the draft.


Well so far I’ve got ODB, Freeman, Murray, Michael Thomas, and Demaryius Thomas. Probably trying for Watkins next.


So here’s how the team ended up. Gotta start 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 5 flex

QB: Luck (drafted in 14th round)

RB: Freeman, DeMarco Murray, Coleman, Henry, Abdullah, Lacy

WR: Beckham, Michael Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Alshon, Watkins, Allen Robinson, Tyreek, Desean Jackson, John Brown

Now I just need to work out a 3 for 1 trade to make room for a defense and kicker before the season starts.