Zero RB mid round PPR specialist

Looks like my draft spot and keepers are going to force me to go WR heavy early on.

Any thoughts on middling RB’s that perhaps are PPR specialists or have some upside?

I like Keryon Johnson, a lot. I’m getting Doug Martin a good bit late in drafts, too. I’ve had a few teams where I’ve grabbed Hyde and Chubb, figuring one or both will be usable. There are some pretty decent options out there. How many teams in the league?

KJ is a good flier. Miller/Ajayi both good targets. Then there’s late round fliers like Jones/Williams pick your guy, Mack/Hines. obviously Burkhead is there.

Doug martin is trash. Would avoid him at all costs. He’s not going to start over lynch. Mark my words on that one. Not sure why people keep trying to invest in him. He’s horrible.

I’m also staying away from that cleveland backfield. None are going to be usable. With Zero RB, you want RBs attached to good offenses who will have a lot of scoring opportunites. Cleveland, is not that. Neither is Oakland although I do love Lynch at his ADP. I’d bet a 40 year old Lynch still outperforms doug martin. nevermind a 32 year old lynch.

Lynch is a nice option. He was very good the second half of the year last year.

Definitely throw Drake in there he looked good. Freeman from Denver will win that job.

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