Zero RB Strategy - How'd I do?

full PPR - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR,TE, FLEX, FLEX, DEF, 7 BENCH - Drafted from the 12th spot

M Thomas
Kelvin Banjamin
A Jones
A Miller
J Ross

My honest opinion is no thanks. Not saying this won’t rock but the short summary is your whole team is boom or bust, so if you rock it you’ll be like a steam roller, or this whole team is going to look like grenade went off in it by week 6.

I think for ‘zero RB’ you have a decent set of them. Of course keep your ears to the wire and ad to that group. Your top 3 WR, TE, and QB are consistent starters which complements the boom or bust aspect of the others.

I did this last year with AJ, Jordy, and Tyreek…thought going into the season with Russell Wilson as QB, Dalvin, Crow, and a few other pass catching 3rd down backs would suffice while those receivers lit it up. My league-mates feared me until Dalvin went down. But there were already other chinks in the armor: the Bengals offense was corpse-like; so was Seattle’s; Crowell was already on his way to going from being a mid-4th round ADP with a lot of positive hype because of a re-tooled CLE o-line to becoming droppable.

Then…Rodgers got hurt and it was all over for Jordy. From there…it DID…NOT…GO…WELL.

I’m not saying that the exact same thing will happen to you. My point is that you’ve got what looks like a lot of fire power at receiver, but Baldy is already apparently going to be at 85% all year; if either one of those first two guys is a problem, then things aren’t looking so good for you. Margin for error is slim.

Re. your RB’s it could go either way; Ajayi hasn’t played yet and has that bone on bone problem in his knee (I like that you covered yourself with Clement there, though; that may be big early). Marshawn may or may not be reliable. I like Kerryon and Michel a lot; they could work out beautifully for you, but the former may have Blount vulturing his goal-line carries all year and Michel was fumbling in OTAs and has been in the tub for most of camp; you may have to wait for him to be productive.

To reduce risk, I might try to find a guy in your league who has a glaring weakness at WR but strength at RB and see if you can’t build a trade that would give you a solid / blue-chipper at RB.

I’m sure other people might beg to differ, but that is my take on your roster. And I should say, I’m open generally to zero RB…it really can work. But there’s something about this group that worries me…I hope I’m wrong for your sake…

Good luck!

Love the draft. Wouldn’t really mind all the “you took too much risk” comments above. That is the entire basis of the strategy. Extremely high risk but extremely high reward. Playing fantasy, I’m going for the championship. Don’t really care much for 2nd or 3rd place. With this strat, the variance is EXTREMELY high as everyone has alluded to. But if you hit on 1-2 RBs, your team becomes extremely hard to beat. Unfortunately, last year running zero RB would’ve killed you because of the amount of injuries to QBs but basing a strategy off that fear alone would be foolish. Fantasy isn’t about playing it safe, rewards those who take calculated risks. Now as for yourdraft:

  • Love the pairing of JJ and MT. Extremely high ceiling with one of the best floors at WR. MT like basically never busts, ever. ANd JJ is the guy that can win you the week single handedly and that’s exactly what you want when running zero RB.
  • Baldwin is another high risk guy. I personally might have leaned towards someone like Diggs/Hilton/Hill/Cooper here but its splitting hairs. I just hate it when players themselves come out and warn about injuries cause they are typically the most optimistic.
  • Ertz in the 4th is fine. I personally employ a Gronk or bust strat for TE. I think the tier gap between Ertz and Gronk is too high so he’s not worth the investment.

I like all the guys you took in the middling rounds for RB. I am a Michel truther and I think he can be a potential league winner, especially given hes going in the 7th-8th rounds now due to this injury stuff. You have Ajayi and Lynch who are early starters and a bunch of guys who ahve the potential to take over the job and lead the team by mid season (Kerryon/Michel/Jones).

Hate Booker, would probably drop him and find someone better on waivers. If White is there, i would target him to bridge the gap between Michel starting. Would honestly even rather have Hill than Booker. Booker is not going to hold that job longer than 2 weeks. He’s just awful.

Overall, great job, wish you luck in the season.

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