Zero RB strategy

In my mock drafts I have been really liking my teams when I go zero RB to start my draft. My question for you zero RB’ers out there, what round do you stray from pass catchers and start grabbing RB’s also what mid round Rb’s are you targeting?

I’ve been experimenting as well in mocks just given the crazy value you can get, especially picking late and starting with 2 WR1s. I think it depends on your league a little, my main league is standard and there are three guys at least who will 100% take QBs in the third/top of the 4th, the rest tend to play smart and covet the RBs especially as it’s standard so if i was to do it for real i’d be looking at changing in the 4th round because of the scoring format and having covered my 2 WR spots and 1 flex spot.

In a perfect world and in any kind of PPR format i’d go 4 straight WRs to get a rotational guy then switch, i’m looking at Lynch, Crowell, Miller, CJ, Rex, R. Freeman etc in the first case as guys who will get touches week 1 and i can start. After i have 2 i’d look at guys with upside that you have to wait a bit on, Aaron Jones, Kerryon Johnson (if he falls that far). After that i start to construct the roster again but essentially i make sure i take the first 2 RBs that will get a lot of touches from week1 and after that i’m gambling for upside but knowing i have to wait for a few weeks before i get to use them.

Most of the leagues I play in are keeper/dynasty so ZeroRB isn’t as viable in those formats, BUT this year ZeroRB looks fairly attractive if you’re well enough informed to make good picks in the middle rounds.

I’ve done plenty of ZeroRB mocks and I’ve been finding the sweet spot to be right around the 6th round. I always go WR/WR and depending on where i am in the 3rd I grab another WR or Gronk/Kelce if they fall to me late 3rd.

I try to skip a QB in this format too unless Rodgers or Wilson falls to late 5, but around the 6th I start peppering high upside RBs.

RBs I love in those rounds are guys like: Kerryon Johnson, Jamaal Williams, Carlos Hyde, Chris Carson, Chris Thompson

there’s plenty of value in those middle rounds (obviously things change… Carson’s ADP has plummeted in the wake of the news that Penny broke a finger… how much that will affect Penny’s ability to be on the field in the regular season is a mystery but these are things to watch).

You can go after RBs as early as the 4th round and as late as the 6th.

It really depends what pick you are & how many teams.

You typically go WR/ WR/ (TE if top 3 or WR)/ (WR or RB if WRs aren’t looking as good)

4th round: Drake, Freeman, Collins, Henry
5th round: Ajayi, Lynch, Lewis, Miller, Ingram
6th round: Duke Johnson, Crowell, Burkhead
7th round: Thompson, Coleman, Kerryon
8th round: Michel, Mack, Williams, Cohen

that’s where guys are located for when I draft on ESPN, not sure how accurate that will be for you but based on this you can see where you can try and target your RBs.

I’m 10th in my 12 team league so I tend to go for: Lewis, Miller, Ingram, Burkhead, Thompson, Michel, Mack, Williams

All this being said, make sure you’re making value picks since this is what the strategy is about.