Zuerlein worth it?

No roster spot. I’m leading in scoring at 845 points with 2nd at 786 points. Worth picking up a dropped Zuerlein (on bye) and dropping K Matt Bryant? If it’s close come Sunday I’d make the switch back…

Zuerlein is worth it in my opinion. He’s a solid dude to have in your roster and surprised someone dropped him. He’s made the difference me though in some matches which is hilarious for a kicker. Can’t go wrong with Greg the leg though

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Grab Legatron!!!


I have Bryant and am not happy a bit with him-Zuerlein is a stud kicker-A person in my league just dropped him and I’m gonna roll with Bryant this week and snatch Z UP!

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Kickers don’t get the fantasy respect they deserve! Lol

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what do you guys think of Butker i thought of picking him up instead of Bryant

That’s the thing. Might not get him next week.

Wish I had the choice of Zuerline. I’ve got Succop (BYE). My best choices are Forbath, Prater or Bullock. Really hard. LOL…for a Kicker. But…like @DABOYS4LIFE said… “Kickers don’t get the fantasy respect they deserve!”

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Yeah…I tried to get Butker with my Kicker Succop on BYE…lost him since WW priority in our league has Crosby, also on bye. So trying to decide between Forbath, Prater and Bullock. Geez…LOL…

I really like Butker-